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12 июн, 2008 @ 22:20 Blitz3D SDK коммюнити открыто

Автор: SofT MANiAC | Blitz3D SDK

Предлагаю к обсуждению тематику Blitz3D SDK - использование движка Blitz3D в играх разрабатываемых на ЯП способных импортировать функции из DLL (C++, PureBasic, BlitzMax и др.)

The package consists of a runtime library of over 300 commands that simplify the process of creating video games with computer languages such as Microsoft's Visual Studio Express C# or C++ editions, the free DevC++ environment from Bloodshed or alternatively languages such as PureBasic and Blitz Research's own next generation BASIC compiler BlitzMax.
Extensive documentation based on the recently published Blitz3D Programming Manual is included covering the wealth of graphics, geometry, media and input commands available in the Blitz3DSDK environment.


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