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2 май, 2006 @ 17:20 Все примеры из DX SDK9 для Delphi и FreePascal

Автор: Coriolis | Дельфинарий (Delphi, FreePascal)

Delphi / C++Builder / FreePascal versions of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK April 2006 Update available.

There are slight updates in headers and new ParallaxMapping Direct3D sample (directly from ATI research team). So I've updated both headers and samples archives.

  List of changes:
xact.pas - IXACTSoundBank changed (there are compatibility problems with XACT tutorials cos of that) and some misc updates. XACT tutorials compatible with this version of headers currently available only in SourceForge CVS.
X3DAudio.pas - updated X3DAudioCalculate
XInput.pas - added XInputEnable function, switched to 'xinput1_1.dll' DLL library

Взято с сайта clootie.ru
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